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Monday, February 16, 2009

T-shirt Pinafore aka 24 Hour Bib

I just put out the next size dresses for my girl since she is getting so tall. She, of course, wanted to wear them, right now, before going down to eat breakfast. We have been having a fight over putting on a flour sack bib lately. Wanting to choose my battles with the 2 year old, but not already have the size 3 dresses be stained before year 3 even gets here, I decided to be tricky.

What if I made the bib into a dress - wait, they used to have kids in pinafore's all the time. I had always had in the back of my mind when seeing pictures of those that they were a useless garment, but no! A 24 hour bib they are! And the child thinks it's a pretty, so she'll wear it.

So we were hungry, refusing to take off the dress, so I ran to my t-shirt pile. Laid another dress on the t-shirt with the shoulder seams on the side of the t-shirt.

Then child decided that that dress should be the one worn, using freshly peeled off dress, I folded in the arms and cut around the dress shape and cut a neck hole.

Then I cut 2 long strips of material that I cut in half to make ties for the sides.

Then I did a quick 10 minutes of hemming and attaching ties and we have a pinafore. Badly done I know, but I was ready for breakfast. This will be a good outside gardening one. Will have to make some nicer sewn ones.

She is still not to fond of wearing this to eat, but she will accept it easier than the bib now, maybe it has to do with not being tied around the neck.

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Lori said...

That's a great idea...