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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Homemade Deodorant

I was really tired of buying $2+ stick of deodorant that often didn't work. Plus, I am sure we have all heard the not-so-sure-deodorant-is-a-good-thing cancer and Alzheimer-wise, so I have fiddled with many things taking others suggestions offline, from family, etc. and have finally come up with something that works. It's my own "recipe."

I bought a little pump sprayer which I fill with rubbing alcohol. Then I have an old powder jar which I fill with baking soda and I have a ton of perfume and samples etc. I usually don't wear perfume because it competes with my deodorant smell. And I had been using a "natural" deodorant that made me smell like a cedar tree - what perfume compliments cedar tree? And I especially hate baby powder smelling deodorant. Inevitably sometime during the day, I'll sniff and wonder where the baby is and then realize it's me.

So I put a squirt or two of alcohol under my arms, then using a powder puff I pat on the baking soda which adheres now with the alcohol wetness and then I add a squirt of perfume under each arm as well. When I get to using the perfumed talc, I think I will just mix it in with the baking powder.

This has worked well for three weeks now, so hubby is glad he doesn't get to smell my failed experiments anymore, and I am glad I am spending such a tiny amount and smell like I want to smell.


Anonymous said...

I use some do-nothing Trader Joe's "deodorant" to adhere a baking soda/powder mixture. I put just a little powder in to make the baking soda less gritty.

Great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

Regular baking soda has aluminum in it...sorry. Aluminum has been linked to alzheimers.

Melissa Jagears said...

No, baking powder has aluminum in it, not baking soda. FDA requires manufacturers to list ingredients on food products. Baking Soda is listed as Sodium Bicarbonate, that is all, that is what Baking Soda is, but if you read the side of a Baking Powder can you will see the ingredient aluminum listed. That is why I make my own baking powder for comsumption, see here:

Also, they are unsure what the correlation is, whether aluminum causes Alzhiemers or Alzhiemers creates a high amount of aluminum to gather. Anyway, I do try to not use baking powder for this reason, but baking soda is not made with aluminum.
It is easy to confuse these two, I have often done it while cooking!

KC said...

great I want to try this...I linked this at my blog