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Monday, February 23, 2009

Reupholster Your Lamp Shade Take 2

My last reupholstered lamp shade I did years ago because it was ugly.

Well, I now had to do one this week because my lamp shade broke off. It had absolutely nothing to do with my moving a king size mattress by myself and knocking the large art frame picture off the wall on top of it, nope!

This is what I had to work with.

So I went through the fabric stash and found something suitable, I didn't have a big enough piece to cover it with one piece, so I decided to make 4 same size panels. I draped it on to make sure I would be ok with the effect.

I measured the circumference of the lamp wire which was 38" and made 4 10" inch panels. Then I pinned them to each other to sew up. After taking this picture, I realized I needed to iron these panels first (like I should always do, but don't) since there would be no way to iron it once it was a lamp shade.

To make my 10" panels fit, I had to have a seam of 1/2" on all the panels, so I used a pencil and ruler to mark my seam since there really would be no way to fix or readjust since I have no more of this fabric and can't just wing it like I normally do.

I sewed each panel to each other. Before sewing the first panel to the last panel, I cut the seams down fairly small to keep them from hampering the light output.

Also, before sewing the last panel to the first, I hemmed the bottom making those seams lay flat and cut the excess as well.

Then I sewed the front to the back, trimmed that seam and put it on my lamp shade wire circle. I made sure to match my pattern which gave me a visual guide to line up the shade onto the wire circle, but if I didn't have a pattern, I would need to have drawn a line to help me line it up evenly on my lamp shade.

Then I took a hot glue gun and laid a bead of hot glue on the wire itself and folded the fabric over the hot glue.

After it was set, I cut the excess fabric from around the top.

And I am finished. May not be as pretty as the last one nor professional looking, but I think it works just fine.

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