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Friday, January 9, 2009

Make Your Own Bread Crumbs

I want my bread crumbs to be whole wheat which is healthier than the store bought bread crumbs, plus I always have bread heels left over, so I make my own bread crumbs.

When I have a leftover heel, I toast the heels in the toaster once and let them sit out for a day or two until they are nice and hard.

Then I break them up to fit in my tiny food processor.

Process until all is made into fine crumbs.

And pour into kitchen container.

I've bought bread crumbs once (as evidenced by the container), but the heels keep me well supplied. If you want to make a batch to start off with, just spread out a loaf of bread on some baking sheets and bake for awhile on some low temp in the oven, turning them every so often until they are pretty rigid. I then let them sit over night to make sure they are hard.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Makes me wish I had a food processor. Maybe one day . . .

I keep my leftover bread pieces for Tuscan Tomato Bread Soup. I tear up my bread in small pieces and let it sit out and dry to hardness before storing it for the soup.

Melissa Jagears said...

I just got a nice one for Christmas!

I had been using a $10 one from Walgreens. It was small and worked all right for making bread crumbs and making baby food, but it didn't hold a lot, so I asked Santa for a nice good big one! I think I have used it at least every other day in the kitchen since. :)

I just made or well failed to make well a few loaves of bread and am thinking about trying bread soup to use it. If you read this comment, would you mind sending your recipe?