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Friday, January 23, 2009

$1 Bag Thrift Treasure Day

I go to thrift stores when I need something, but I have a great thrift store that periodically has $1 bag sales and then 3 bags for free days (usually quarterly). They also have a hall of free stuff. They clean house and then I get to play! I generally use this day to collect "fabric" and fun things that I wouldn't really desire to pay for. This was my $1 haul yesterday - I get good at squishing things into a bag so I don't use more than the change hubby leaves scattered on the van floor.

1 air corn popper - Christmas present of popcorn seed and no easy way to use it, now I do.
4 wool sweaters - fabric
3 casters - maybe can fix broken shop vac wheel
lotion dispenser - soap dispenser for downstairs bathroom
3 pairs of pantyhose - hubby wanted old hose for making a shooting gun rest but I don't really wear them, so I squished these in
sparkly dance uniform tube top - 2 year old dress up
large blue bag - to convert into lap top case or at least to steal the straps and zipper from if too small
red frilly shirt - to be refashioned into play clothes dress
lacy baby dress- has stains but is for black and white old timey photos with future child subject maybe
gray dress - love the neck, will refashion into a shirt for me
black shirt/white shirt - My bathroom has old photos theme and I want to set my family up like an old photo. Hubby can wear white oxford, suspenders and black slacks, but my outfit will be harder. Both of these old out-of -date shirts will work, gotta make a skirt. I actually kinda like the white one, might just wear it.
3 denim items on free rack- fabric


Heather - said...

That's so awesome!! I wish I had a local thrift store like that. I would probably be in huge trouble, though... I get in big trouble at the Goodwill outlet - $1 per pound.

Wool sweaters!!

So, I haven't posted about this yet, but I have been crocheting a rag rug out of fabric and old clothes. It is surprisingly fun, and the rug looks really good! If you got old sheets at the thrift store in colors you like, you could make some good rugs.

Anyway! Have a good day!


Michelle said...

I am so jealous! Wish we had something like that. Way to go!