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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leftover Cereal Flour

We love Mini-Wheats. I grew up eating cold cereal for breakfast, and I still do to this day; it's a habit. I have a stack of them, and anytime it goes on sale my stack gets bigger. (I am currently playing with making my own oatmeal to cut down on this cost)

But with Mini-Wheats (and with other brands of cereal), there is always huge amounts of crumbs left over. Up to a quarter cup with these things!!

So, I got to thinking. If I save the leftover cereal crumbs, what could I use it for? Substitute flour! (with some sugar and maple flavoring). So I store the crumbs in a peanut butter jar. It is full in less than 2 weeks.

I have substituted the cereal crumbs for flour in two recipes so far and it works. I spin it through the food processor if I desire (although I have skipped this step with no ill effect) and substitute it for flour in a recipe that is sweet. I have so far put it in my granola bars recipe and they are as yummy as ever. And I have done it in banana bread. It did make the banana bread darker than the normal banana bread usually is, but my hubby gobbled that stuff down faster than I have ever seen him eat banana bread.

You could do half flour and half cereal flour, but so far, I have substituted 100% of the flour with leftover cereal flour in these two treats with no ill effect except for the bread looked dark. I am sure it will work in others. I will update this when I test it in other things.


Punkn said...

this is a great tip, I hate throwing it out since it seems like such a waste but it is too mushy to put in the cereal bowl! Gonna start collecting it now to substitute in my recipes now. :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Call me crazy, I normally just eat it. Tastes about the same of the rest of the cereal after a couple bites.

Melissa Jagears said...

My hubbywill eats it, but I don't like to eat it. I like to eat my cereal before it gets soggy and the crumbs sog too quickly. And I hate drinking my milk full of pulp!

Stephanie said...

That's such a good idea! I always hated the "sawdust" as my family calls it. This is a wonderful use for something that usually is either thrown away or eaten while grimacing.

Bloggers said...

What an awesome idea. We eat a lot of cereal and I save jars so now I can fill them up with this. Great.