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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Duct Tape Dress Form - Bonus Link

I have bought several clothing items from thrift stores that I want to refashion, but pinning on myself doesn't work so well.

So my mother was going to help me make one with duct tape, t-shirt and saran wrap per instructions on this site, but she decided to splurge and by a dress form so she could use it too.

I still may end up doing the duct tape dummy and put it over the dummy and pad it to make custom fits if I ever get really serious, but most of the things I am planning on "refashioning" are minor tweaks and I don't look too different than the model. But who knows if I will get to it now that I have one; I have other things to do!

I thought I would share so you can do it. Tell me if you do, looks like fun!

1 comment:

Jody said...

I actually used this pattern but with the brown packing tape that you get wet. The tape then hardens and works pretty well. You don't have to stuff it with anything and I just wore a t-shirt "dress" with good undergarments and now I have a wonderful dress form that is my body double. Have fun.

P.S. I also was lucky to have someone that drapes for a theater costume shop as the person wrapping me in tape.