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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paper Bag Floor

I began awhile ago collecting brown paper bags because I intended on redoing the floor with a faux leather finish. Well, when it has become time to do it, I decided I wanted the whole lower floor of the house to be the same flooring and it doesn't fit what I want to do anymore, plus it would be in the dining room and constant furniture moving on this kind of floor is not supposed to be a good thing. I did do a test patch on my floor, and as hubby said when he saw it, it looks just like patches of leather. Tore it up though before it got hardened, forgot to take a picture, but if you are interested in a low cost flooring option that will need touched up with Polycrylic every now and then here are the sites I looked at and pictures of how it looks.,96689,97755#msg-97755


SandyQuilts said...

Interesting. I've only seen this method done on walls ... like in a study. Don't think it would work for a home with lots of kids and pets. LOL

Unknown said...

Very interesting thanks! Cheap so even if things do get messed up easier to replace.☺