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Friday, September 11, 2009

Leftover Root Beer Float Popsicles

My husband and I hardly drink sodas, but we like to have one occasionally, so even though liters are cheaper, they go flat because we don't drink them fast enough. So we have a package of cans in the pantry that sits there until we are in the mood.

But, we want more than half so we can't share, but a whole one is too much, so....the root beer gets made into float popsicles.

The first quarter can gets poured in the bottom quarter of the popsicle mold. The tray of popsicle molds gets put in the freezer and stays there until the next time we have a soda. Then when that time comes, I scoop in enough vanilla ice cream to two quarters of the mold (I always have vanilla ice cream on hand), and then I pour the leftoverquarter can of soda on top, suck off the foam and put in the popsicle sticks and pop them back into the freezer.

There you have a leftover soda float popsicle:

Pretty good I must say, although I think I'll cram more ice cream in the next ones, the soda fizz in them is just yummy.

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