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Thursday, July 29, 2010

$1 Bag Thrift Store Treasure Thursday

The Presbyterian Church Thrift store has $1 bag days about once a quarter. I had nothing in particular in mind to get while there, but just needed some retail therapy. So it requires some out-of-the-box thinking. And I can always donate things back if they don't work out and I limited myself to one bag, stuffed how my ex-army husband taught me how to stuff for maximum volume capacity.

Description follows: Left to Right, back row first

*6 pairs of larger ladies pants without much sewing through the elastic to salvage the elastic from (I went initially to the sewing department hoping to see elastic (Nope) when it hit me--I'm surrounded by elastic!)

*2 blue t-shirts and 2 blue jeans to pair with the salvaged elastic to make cheap maternity pants/shorts.

* 2 pairs of drawstring scrubs for maternity pjs and two maternity shirts

*1 black dress I hope will fit post-pregnancy

*3 handmade never used pot holders

*7 Ribbon belts. Plan to save the buckles for projects such as Nursing Cover and of course, save the ribbons for crafts

*2 cashmere sweaters for baby diaper covers and longies or the myriad other projects wool comes in handy for like mittens and chalkboard erasers.

*1 pair child slippers

*4 placemats now that my child wants to eat on top of the lacy tablecloth that I don't want to wash every day

*1 Granny go-to-sleep cap for dress-up.

*4 cloth napkins already done up that I don't have to sew!

*2 books


Michelle said...

oooo, that's the Baby Name book I used for my last child!! I liked that it had more traditional names in it, and I have never seen her name in any other books (with the same meaning as I saw in that one).
Have to admit, I am jelous, we don't have any sales like that here.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Please share how you packed that all in one bag!

Melissa Jagears said...

Basically, you roll everything, not fold.