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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maternity Shorts

One pair of thrift store pants one size too big:$1
One blue tshirt my size: $.25
1.5" elastic: $2.59
Plus one hour of sewing=Maternity Shorts: $3.84

(Which is actually more expensive than the shorts I am using for the model. If you have a JCPenney's in your area, check maternity at the end of the season. I bought maternity stuff there several times before getting pregnant at end of season sales. Most things were around $3 - 90% off.)

I used an already made pair to take my measurements from (I'm a medium)

Then I took measurements from the crotch seam, front was 6.5" and back was 13".

I ended up accidentally cutting it about 11.5" in the back but they really should have been 13".

Then since these were pants, I cut them and then hemmed them. I also took the extra fly material and zipper out and sewed that shut.

Then, I took a blue tshirt and cut a 6" band.

Since it was a bit bigger than the waistline of the pants, I lined up one of the seams with a side seam, pinned, and then cut it to be the same size over at the other seam (leaving about a .25" for the seam) Then sewed it back into a circle.

I then took 1.5" elastic and cut 35" (I would have been more comfortable with less inches now that I'm wearing the pants. They don't fall down, but I'd like a little more snug feeling). I sewed it flat against each other, zigzagging the ends on both sides.

Now, I took that 6 inch band and folded it over. Then I placed it around my shorts with both open rough edges lined up with my cut pant edge.

Then, I slipped the elastic in between the two layers of t-shirt, it did kinda scrunch up my pants around the hips. Then I pinned the t-shirt along the edge of my cut off pants.

Then I serged the material all the way around.

Once that's done, just flip the tshirt and elastic up and you're finished.

Now, as you can see the back is a little low for my "growing more generous" rear end. I needed that thirteen (maybe more) inches. But looks just fine considering maternity shirts are long and not tucked in.

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