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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Maternity Mannequin

So, I already mentioned my refashion last week failed. I was attempting to not only make a dress out of some unlikely material, but since I needed a semi-formal dress for an upcoming conference, I also thought I might as well attempt to make it a maternity dress. But I needed a pregnant mannequin.

So I searched all over the house for something I could strap on to the mannequin since I am not full blown pregnant. I really wanted a basketball to duct tape to the thing, being nice and round and I really didn't relish the idea of attempting to make a stuffed pillow in the shape of a pregnant belly.

So, the roof was leaking at the point we stopped putting on the roof. Joy. But it made me move aside some carpet padding. Hmmm.

So I made a large circle. And then cut two lines about one third of the way in opposite each other.

Then I folded the piece up until it made a fairly large "belly." And secured with duct tape along the cut.

And duct taped it to the mannequin. Viola!

Works pretty good except for the two slightly pointy spots on the belly. But it was just to help me make a dress, that of course, I couldn't do for I'd gotten over my head. Maybe I can think of something else to make needing a fake pregnant dummy.


Donna said...

That is just too funny--the belly not the rain through the room. Wow--you have a real mannequin! I did the duct tape kind for my daughter. I haven't had time to do mine yet. :o) Don't have to worry about the pregnant thing though.

Great idea!

MJ said...

The mannequin was a present from my mom, you know, when you're crazy frugal your friends and family think you're dirt poor and sometimes they have to buy you things when you get "harebrained" ideas. I was all set to do the duct tape mannequin, asking my mom to come help me, but she came with this.

She also always buys me cleaning products when she comes over, so despite not needing windex and soft scrub, etc. I always have them. :)

Sid Koudis said...

When I needed a pregnant mannequin I wrapped a bowl in bubble wrap then some cloth then duct taped it to the mannequin. Looked pretty good!

MJ said...

Good idea Sid, much more rounder.