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Monday, December 1, 2008

UTI Orange Juice Cure

Obviously I am not a doctor, so if you take my advice and bad things happen, I am not responsible.

I am very susceptible to UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). Friday night at 3am when I realized I had a fairly serious one (blood in urine), I ran to the 24 hour grocery store. I used to go to the doctor for antibiotics, but I started getting really testy when they would question me when I told them that I had a UTI (I have these fairly often, I know what I got) or when they instruct me how to wipe as if I am a toddler not knowing how to use toilet paper.

So, this is what I do. If I could stand cranberry juice I would use it, but the highest acidic stuff that I can stand is Orange Juice. So, I grab a frozen concentrate orange juice and mix it up. I sit and drink an entire pitcher of orange juice in one sitting and continue drinking more throughout the day until all symptoms go away. The acid kills off the bacteria and the amount flushes you out. I have done this three times now and it has each time fixed the problem within a handful of hours. Much cheaper than a doctor visit and antibiotics. If it wasn't better in a day, I would head to the Doctor, but so far it has been a fabulous cure. Hope that helps someone, I try to usually have an extra in the freezer as backup, but the family being sick for that past few weeks took away my reserve.

I was wondering aloud with hubby what women in the old days must have used for UTIs; no pioneer lady was heading to the ER for antibiotics in the middle of the night and I am sure she had no orange juice in the ice house. So, we figured rose hip tea may have been what they did since it is highly acidic and shelf stable. And so I looked it up, and indeed that seems to be the "Old Timers" cure. Here is a site of Grandma's wisdom that I found on Rose Hip Teas for Medicinal Purposes. It has all kinds of other great stuff too that I think would be good for checking out.

UPDATE: I have added drinking 1 tsp of baking soda in 1 cup of water to the regimen and it really seems to help.

UPDATE 2: Since this is a chronic problem, I have added a scoop of D-Mannose daily to my breakfast drink. Check out testimonials on the product if you have chronic UTI problems like me.

UPDATE 3: Yes, the D-Mannose seems to work well! I was on day 7 of 10 day antibiotics and still felt no relief, so I started a D-Manosse regimen and it was over by the end of the day. Anytime since then that I have felt it coming on, I took a dose of this and so far have not had a reoccurring one.

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Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

I use to get these all the time and have not had one in years. I started using Kyolic. It's aged liquid garlic. Garlic is a great natural antibiotic. I also use it for my family when we are sick with anything.

PS. One way you can get UTIs is if your hubby lets his thingy touch the toilet seat when he sits down to do his business. I caught my hubby doing that early in our marriage, and said uh uh! No wonder I was getting infections. He's very careful now when he sits down, and also washes before party-time..if you know what I mean.

Sorry if this is too much information, but I thought it might help! Blessings!