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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Character Bandaids

Has your kid seen and envied Character Bandaids? Will your child not leave bandaids on like mine? Try making your own decorated band-aids.

My kiddo won't stop picking at something, but she won't leave a band-aid on, so last night, we got out the bucket of stickers and let her choose what stickers to stick on her band-aid to keep her from pulling it off. 24 hours later, she's still wearing it. Think it worked.


Annchan said...

The character band-aids are the same price as the regular band-aids. I find the no-name ones just fall off on their own too soon so we only get name brand bandages.

Melissa Jagears said...

At the stores around here, the character band-aids per box are almost equivalent, but then you only get 20 band-aids.

I bought 80 name brand band-aids for the same price as 20 character ones and I already have the stickers, so they're free.

I'd check how many you were getting and then if they are equivalent then buying them would be smart if you wanted them, but for me (Wal-mart) it costs more.

Bellgirl said...

What an excellent idea! I'll Be doing that a lot!

Melissa said...

This is brilliant! We have a billion stickers just waiting to be applied to bandages. Thanks for sharing!