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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sheet and Pillowcase into Mommy/Daughter Work Dresses

Ok, these things aren't going to win me any fashion awards, but I wanted a comfortable long dress that I could make in less than an hour that I can wear around the house when it's hot and I'm not intending to go anywhere. And because most of my clothing is too tight at the moment.

I have one of those dresses I picked up from the thrift store, laid it out on a twin flat sheet I picked up somewhere and hacked around it and sewed for an hour (mainly b/c of my dumb machine's bobbin kept tangling)

And then, I couldn't resist making a "matching" dress out of the pillowcase for my kiddo. Basically on that one, I cut off the top, cut down about a quarter way for arm holes, hemmed the arm holes, made a casing on the two tops and strung ribbon through the casings and tied at the shoulder. The material is rather thick, think it will look better on her tiny body with a thinner pillowcase.

So, we both look like we are wearing a trash sack as my hubby so gently put it, but we match and we'll be in the garden with them anyway. I call it good for about an hour and a half. Boy do I hate sewing.

I tried to make it less sack-like with some more of that ribbon, but it just showed off my pregnant belly. Not that much better considering I'm just showing but I look 6 months pregnant. I guess that's the horizontal striping for you.

But hey, some of you sewing people out there could make a better stab at it using a sheet and pillowcase.


Bellgirl said...

Very cute, and even better with the beautiful scenery in the background! I'm about to do a vintage shee Fat Quater Swap, so I'm looking for good ideas for sheets. The other day I was thinking to myself that I could use a vintage sheet to make a pillowcase- then I realised how pointless that sounded, since i could just find a vintage pillowcase instead ;)

Rozi said...

Oh wow! You're pregnant! Fantastic! I had an inkling when I read the post before you revealed ;-) So happy for you! I've been following and I still remember what happened last year. You looked radiant! Heh, and the matching outfits are cute! My first baby is due anytime now, just waiting... :-)

Melissa Jagears said...

Thanks, Rozi. I'm a week away from when I lost the last one, so I'm still kinda biting my nails. That baby's due date would have been tomorrow, so another baby at the moment will help make that day a bit better I'm hoping, and the fact that it's my wedding anniversary, too. So, I'm thankful for that, now just if this one will hang on.

I hope you figured out some cheap maternity options, I'm afraid my posting on that will be too late for you. :) Here's to an easy delivery.

impromptu-mom said...

I think this is a wonderful idea! I think the "house dress" is an article of clothing whose time has come around again. It's nice to have clothes that are cool and comfortable for working, without having to worry about the price tag.

Susanne said...

It looks so cool and comfy! I live in New Mexico and in the summer it gets 90 degrees + and I just can't tolerate the heat in something close fitting! When I'm home, I just pop into something like that: which is a cotton caftan. That is basically what you made: 2 slits for the arms and a slit for the neck to exit and made it ankle length. Never mind the trash bag comment. You and your daughter look wonderful together! And I agree, bedsheets can make wonderful fabric for garments and are very economical. Especially if found at thrift stores. I sew a lot and the price of fabric is just astronomical anymore.

Rosilind Jukic said...

Very Cute!!!! Don't you just love comfy and big? Especially in summertime.

Haha! I see your hubby has some of the same ideas that mine does about my homemade/moneysaving experiments. Mine is rather suspicious about my homemade detergents - but he is giving me space to try them out. lol! Not 100% support, but he hasn't banned them either (so that's good!). I love your blog. It's fun and full if great ideas. Thanks!

Mrs. M said...

Congrats on the pregnancy!
The dresses are very cute. I made my girls pillow case dresses and added some elastic at the throat to make it more fitted and then belts from the pillowcase fabric I cut off to make it short enough for my girls. Its so simple to do.

Someone was telling me you can make maternity shirts out of pillowcases too but I haven't been that adventerous and I haven't the need. Im not far enough along to worry about maternity clothes for a while.