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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Early Maternity Pants Options

If your belly is increasing because of pregnancy but you aren't into full blown maternity wear, there are a few making do solutions. Most you've probably heard of before, but one has to hear it from somewhere for the first time (or make it up themselves) so I thought I'd post it anyway.

One thing you can do is wear elastic waistband pants.

Another is drawstring scrub pants.

Really low, hipster regular pants will still work.

Or you can take a ponytail hair tie and anchor it to your button, pull it through the button hole and fasten over to the button again. You do have to wear a long enough shirt to cover your entire zipper for this often makes it easier for your zipper to come down.

Or the maternity pants that are low waisted elastic all the way around will fit this early in pregnancy.


Rosilind Jukic said...

This also works after pregnancy while you are waiting for your belly to go back down.

Mrs. M said...

I live in Japan and they have these really great (and cheap) belt liek things you can use for your pants/skirts while you are in that in between size. I thought it was great until I found out they were meant to last the entire pregnancy and it made me feel a little down since I get HUGE during pregnancy and no way anything could make my normal skirts fit the entire time. Guess its back to converting some of my pre-pregnancy clothes into maternity clothing and thinking my dear hubby for buying me a sewing machine.