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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vacuum Cleaner Pudding

Got this recipe off of starwish on a yahoo group I'm with. Thought I would share it here, this is like the ultimate making do with leftover desserts recipe.

My Mother used to make this for the family. With meals and packing lunches, she had an odd assortment of leftover cookies/cake/pie bits 'n pieces. She saved everything (including the crumbs in the cookie jar). When she had "squirreled away" enough (in the freezer) to feed the family (usually once or twice a month) she made her "famous" Vacuum Cleaner Pudding ("You never know what you're gonna' git." Forrest Gump).

Vacuum Cleaner Pudding Oven: 325 / 30 min.
Microwave: 50% power / 15 - 20 min.

Broken cookies (including crumbs)
Misc. leftover cake and pie
one package of instant pudding/pie filling (flavor your choice)
Milk (see pudding instructions)
2 whole eggs
vanilla flavoring to taste (optional)

1. Press cookies/cake/pie into greased loaf pan
2. Mix milk, eggs, and vanilla
3. Warm the milk mixture until it is hot - but not boiling
4. Pour pudding powder into milk mixture and blend
5. Pour liquid over the top of the dry ingredients in the loaf pan
6. Cook until set up (check by inserting knife point)

Cut into squares and serve warm, topped with whipped cream/ice cream or even warm milk.


Wench said...

A come on, add gram crackers and butter rather than processes pie crust then make home made pudding. Great use of crumbs.'You are great.

brittanymlemay said...

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