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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rescue Couch - Stain and Pet Hair Removal and Tears

The next problems were small ones.

There were stains on the couch bottom were liquids had dripped down between the cushions, so I used my homemade oxi clean and a white rag to clean that.

For the dog hair stuck in the cracks, after I vacuumed, I used duct tape to pick it up. It works better if you scrape the hair off by rubbing the tape across the hair rather than press and pull.

There was a "tear" at the seam of the back, it looked like it had torn, but really it had just pulled away, so I squished the metal holding strip back into place by stretching the fabric back where it went and then hitting the metal gripper with a hammer to keep it stuck.

I had one small tear on the bottom flap that I whipstiched closed with a matching thread color.

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