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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Velcro Diaper Fastener

See my logic on why I use cloth diapers and why I make them this way here.

In my search for the best diaper fastener, I have come to like the one I make myself. Pins are scary, Di-D-Klips were too hard for hubby, Snappis tore into diapers, and if there was no diaper cover on, they would get stuck on upholstery or flip off. I also admit the teeth are pretty scary, but they were my best option until I thought up my own diaper fastener.

So I came up with this simple solution - Velcro. You do have to put it on very snuggly otherwise it tends to expand a bit and let the diaper slip out (I have no problem, but hubby sometimes is too generous with the tension).

I took a strip of velcro about 14" and took it apart. Then I overlapped the two ends making about a 25" strip.

And then I wrap it around her like a belt.

1 comment:

Tina said...

This is brilliant! We have some AIO diapers with velcro that we've been using duct tape to keep them together, as the velcro is worn out. Faced with replacing the velcro with snaps (a big job) I would love to try this, instead. I can make the velcro belt rest on the backs of the closed velcro and keep them together even more. Awesome idea!