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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fire Starters & Preventing Dryer Fires

If you have a fireplace or burn paper trash, you know how frustrating getting the fire going can sometimes be. So lately, I have been collecting two throw-aways to make great little fire starters once the cold season hits for our fireplaces. Great to take for camping fires, too.

I save the toilet paper rolls in a basket in my laundry room. When I use the dryer (I usually use a clothesline, so I haven't been making these things too quickly), I stuff the lint from the lint screen into my toilet paper tube.

Pretty simple, but it sure works! Lint starts on fire easily and stays on fire. So, make sure you put it on your calendar to clean out the dryer hose and the outdoor dryer vent from built-up lint to keep you safe from a dryer fire. Check out this site that give a very thorough description on how to prevent a dryer fire. Don't be one of the 15,500 families that will experience a dryer fire this year!

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