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Monday, September 6, 2010

Helping Kids Put Shoes on the Right Feet

I got tired of telling the kiddo that she had put her shoes on the wrong feet, so I decided to help her be able to figure that out herself. I took two smiley face stickers and put them on the inside curve of her shoe. I read this in some parenting magazine a long time ago.

Then I told her to make the faces kiss. She likes to make the kissing noise along with them.


Deanna said...

I tried this, too, once but my kids' feet must sweat buckets because the stickers didn't stick for very long.

So I resorted to using a Sharpie marker to draw an arrow inside the heel area. The girls knew that when the arrows were pointing to one another, they were on the right feet.

Anonymous said...

Good idea about the arrows.