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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Costume Extension

This may not be helpful to all, but it's a way I made do a few weeks ago. My little girl's grandma sent her some Disney costumes. My little one has never watched Snow White, but she knows who she is and was excited for the Snow White costume, but unlike her other costumes, it is two pieces.

I won't post a picture, but she insisted that the skirt's elastic waist sat below her bum. So she was running around in it with her little pink britches poking out the middle. So, grandma wondered if it was because the skirt wasn't floor length that she was attempting a fashion no-no.

So, during her nap, I stole her costume and rifled through my old clothes stash and decided upon this t-shirt material shirt.

Then I laid the skirt on top and eyeballed how long it needed to be on my girl to make it floor length, if she were to leave the elastic on her waist. Then cut straight across.

Then I lined up the side seams and then pinned in haphazard pleats. Then sewed across.

That seems to have been the problem. Now she has a "real princess" length skirt that she willingly wears above her rear.

1 comment:

Darlene said...

This was just too cute. I remember well this age!

Sometimes the problem isn't obvious and it takes a bit of digging to see why a child is behaving like it is. I mean, REALLY, how long has it been since YOU saw a princess in a (gasp) SHORT DRESS???? lol

Mine are all teens now. If only the problems were so easy to solve. sigh However, don't forget to pray. I have a 20 yr old daughter that was going to get another tattoo. Another small one on her other wrist. But she can't. Seems that she had bills to pay and an opportunity to resolve something and chose to do that instead! (YEAH!) Funny how a mama's prayer will work. ;o)
Especially since I know this daughter and that in another year or two, she will be wishing she didn't have any at all.