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Monday, January 31, 2011

Preparing for a Winter Storm - Emergency Water

There is a blizzard forecasted for my area, and I am seeing a lot of my friends stocking up on bottled water from the store. I'm sure the bottled water companies love the revenue created by a storm, but to save money, if your tap water is fine to drink, fill up pitchers and ice cream buckets full of water before the storm hits in case your pipes freeze, you're really not going to care if you are drinking brand name water in an emergency.

You can also have everyone take their baths the night before and fill up the tub with water to flush your toilet.


Andrea Strong said...

I've been washing out milk jugs for weeks and filling them with water knowing we just might need it. Since we're in the path of the same blizzard, I'm sure glad I did.

Tasha said...

I've been saving my milk jugs too, and since we live in a trailer, and need to leave our water dripping at night to keep the pipes from freezing, I'll put a jug underneath the faucets to catch the dripping water.