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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cheap Princess Party Game

Trying to come up with a Princess party game that would cost me nearly nothing, I came up with:

"Pin the Crown on the Princess" Not too original, but it wouldn't cost me much.

(Which I am sure can be adapted to any party as long as you can find an appropriate coloring page or draw one if you are so talented: Pin the Eye patch on the Pirate, Pin the tail on Eeyore, Pin the Stetson on the Cowboy, Pin the shoes on the Ballerina, Pin the number on the racecar, etc.)

I photocopied a coloring page of a princess coloring book with a princess whose head was fairly large. My niece colored it. Then I taped it to a door. Then I printed out multiple crowns (I googled crowns in Google images and picked one to copy and paste several times over in Word and printed out in Black and White). Then each girl colored their crown and put their first initial on it.

Then I taped a loop of masking tape on the back, blindfolded them and told them to get it the closest to the top of her head. Whoever was closest got to choose a jewelry item that was a party favor anyway. As each girl won, they bowed out of the game and chose a piece, and we kept going until the last two girls went and then both got to pick from what was left. Easy, and they liked the game.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Cool! I did a very similar game for my daughters 3rd birthday many years ago. We had a Barbie poster from a free event @ Wal-Mart and I cut out bows from constuction paper and we did "pin the bow on Barbie". On the invites we said, BYOB=bring your own Barbie.And I bought a 10 pack of Barbie shoes at the Dollar store for a shoe scramble game. It was a lot of fun, and super cheap! LOL