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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby Sensory Tag Toy

I'm needing to make a number of baby gift items here lately, and one idea I had was a tag toy. I know how babies love on the tag of a stuffed animal, so a stuffed animal with tons of tags would be an even better toy, right?

I saw this tag monster and then this simple square tag toy with crinkly cellophane for noise. (I had planned on using a cereal bag liner instead of cellophane, but the contrast of fabric textures of my scrap choices made me decide it might be sensory overload, so I didn't put it in.)

But I want to use real tags. Repurposed tshirt tags from my tshirt fabric pile and other scraps with different feels because I'm all about making do with what I have in the pile.

So I cut off a handful of silky t shirt tags (nicer shirts don't have these tags, bummer),grab a pair of silk pajama pants and a polar fleece scrap from the fabric pile.

Then I cut a square of each fabric. On one square I arranged the tags somewhat symmetrically on the square pointing in. I tacked those down onto the yellow square. Don't stick the tags all the way to the corners, so you don't have to cut them out of the corners like I did.

Then I put the right side of the other square facing the tag side of the other square, leaving a gap to turn the item right side out.

Then after turning outside out, tack it all down around the edges and close up the hole to finish.

Making Do may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but I think it's cute. And my three year old has already taken to fingering it, polar fleece and fake silk is a good combo.


Anonymous said...

This looks easy to make!

My now almost 3 yo loved the tags on stuff.

Wonder if my grandson would enjoy one of these a little later.. he's only 2 weeks.

Cat J B said...

That is very cute, and I love the recycled aspect of it. I saw a great toy with tags on it in blogland today, lets see if I can put a link, in case you want to check it out... Slow Moe

Katidids said...

Working on toys this week and tag toys were ont he list....Love the idea of using the repurposed tags!

Lori said...

This is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love the idea of recycling tags. When I made mine I used ribbon and they did not hold up well to chewing at all! Ended up having to re-take a few out and sewing them on extra! great idea!