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Friday, May 22, 2009

Jeans Tote or Grocery Bag

I thought I would make a more durable reusable grocery bag by using old jeans, and I did, but I decided I liked my t-shirt version much better, it is easier and stores nicely. But, if you want to see how I made one from jeans, here it is.

First I cut off both jean legs to the height of 13" I think.

I cut open the legs from the side to make the seam go down the middle. Now I have two pieces, my back and front. They are a bit flared making the optical illusion in this photo that one is larger than the other along with my angle, but they are the same.

Then using one leg of the jeans, I cut off the leg the same length as the bottom hem of my bag for the bottom piece.

And then with the other pants leg, I cut it the same length as the side of the front/back pieces to make the side gussets.

Then I sewed the bottom piece to the front and back.

Then sewed on side pieces.

Then I cut off the waistband, cut it in half and then cut off two belt loops.

I centered the belt loops in the middle of the bag and then put the belt loops as small little loops on one side for attaching to the bag holders at the store.

And the finished bag looks like this:

Well, not right away, this was after ironing the sides and bottom to fold in. I hate ironing so that totally turned me off to making anymore. Plus, if you do this project, you need your sewing machine to use a jeans needle, but I still broke one when I got too many jeans seams together. Will use it for hauling stuff, but didn't care to make anymore.

Here's someone else's tutorial, may be a better one than mine considering it doesn't have gussets.

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