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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Free Dress=Free Skirt

I found this dress on the free rack, didn't try it on, but it looked like it would be a good swinging skirt.

So, first I ripped out the zipper, then I cut it off right above the elastic casing. It was too big to stay up on its own, so I unpicked the seam holding in the elastic and pulled it out until it fit me. Then I sewed the elastic in place.

Then, I folded the casing over, pulled the elastic tight to make the fabric flush as I sewed it with the machine along the cut off edge.

Then I sewed up the zipper slit and now I have a new skirt.


Susan's Modest Apparel said...

I once had a nice Indian blockprint jumper with a nice border print at the hemline that had an empire waist that was bought very cheaply at a thrift store and it got too tight in the bustline. So I did similar to what you did. Cut the bodice portion off, took the skirt portion and serged the raw edge of where the waistband was to be. Then I turned it over and single needle stitched a 1/2 inch casing. Ran 1/4 inch elastic through that casing, stitch the casing closed and voila! A new ankle length skirt!

Donna said...

Cute skirt Melissa! And that's a great idea! It looks perfect with your blouse. :o)