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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clothes or Noodle Dryer

So, I made my first batch of homemade noodles with the pasta machine I found at a flea market. I didn't realize that the dough had to sit for 30 minutes before going through the machine, so I used boxed pasta for dinner instead of cooking it fresh and I needed a pasta dryer rack that I wasn't anticipating needing at the moment. So, I thought of using my clothes rack.

Don't think I'll even bother making a specific one, this will keep me from having an extra appliance to have to store and collect dust. I'll just wipe it down between different applications if necessary.

(P.S. When I woke up, my noodles were cracking and falling off on their own. My cat (in the bottom left corner of the picture) thought this was amusing and would push on the rack and make more fall. SO, homemade noodle makers out there, does this normally happen? I will admit that these noodles were not made according to a recipe since my little booklet was in another language and measurement system so I just eyeballed the picture and made it, have yet to try them. Plus, if you have a great noodle recipe, please share in the comment section.)


Annchan said...

Not sure what recipe you use but I like this one

I guess you are trying to dry it for storage though right? Never tried that but this recipe is so easy that I just make it as I need it.

Together We Save said...

Oh my, I have never made them but this picture is too funny!!

Tess said...

I bought an "official" noodle drying rack and yours is way cooler and holds much more noodles. Yes, mine did the same thing when they were "done". They fell off the rack. I just took that to assume that is when I knew they were dry enough. When I make my noodles, I use 1 cup of white flour, a pinch of salt and one egg. If too dry, I add a tablespoon of milk or water. That's it and they taste great!

debbieo said...

Yes it is normal for them to dry like that. Its what you want. You could put a pan on one of the shelves below the pasta to catch it before it hits the floor. Or if that is too heavy use some foil or something like that. When it is that dry it will store very well.