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Monday, September 7, 2009

Paper Bag Shipping

Use grocery store paper bags to wrap books or boxes for the post office. Don't need to buy the brown paper on rolls, just use one bag to cover up the majority of the box and put pieces in the holes that aren't quite covered and tape them on.

This is especially useful for shipping books. Don't need a envelope or box, just wrap them up in paper bags.

Put shipping tape across the address sections all the way around the box to keep it from getting torn off in transit.


SandyQuilts said...

WOW you have someplace that still gives out brown paper bags .... no place around here does. bummer

MJ said...

Braums does. I go there to get milk since they don't feed their cows growth hormone. Bummer you can't get them.

Noel Wright said...

The important thing to remember is to put the address of the person you're mailing to on the actual box itself. Accidents can happen in which the wrapping becomes torn and falls off or gets wet and then there is no way to know who it needs to be mailed to. I like to use a LOT of tape over the address part and all over the box if I go this route! Just a thought...

MJ said...

Good point, Noel, I didn't mention that I always put shipping tape across both address sections all the way around the box.